Coats by the Coast | West Coast Winter Wear

Coats by the Coast | West Coast Winter Wear

Coats by the Coast | West Coast Winter Wear

Six Cold Weather Outfits for a Coastal Drive

Coats By The Coast West Coast Winter Harris Wolf London Tamarind

I’ll admit it. When it comes to weather, Californians are pretty #blessed. Winter is more an idea than a reality. But we still complain about the cold. We can’t help it. If the thermometer dips below 50 degrees, we feel like human popsicles. We are spoiled. Winter wear in California works like this—throw on any outfit with moderate body coverage for warmth + a cozy winter coat and you're set. Easy peasy.


We took our favorite winter coats on a coastal adventure to Goat Rock Beach—a familiar setting for 80’s film aficionados (remember the end of Goonies, anyone?)—with our local gal pal Blake. While we did feel rather refined for the sandy locale, we found each ensemble suitable for a short jaunt down the shore with a little leg roll or skirt hold. Check out our ideal outfits for a scenic winter drive down Highway 1—just remember to take a few pit stops for snapshots and gourmet seaside eats.


Raw Silk Robe

Coats BY The Coast Ali Golden Silk Coat Raquel Allegra Tamarind Style

While this Ali Golden raw silk coat isn't technically a robe (no strings attached), we're living for the sartorial pajama vibes! Clothes that feel as cozy as a fresh made bed are the key to sanity mid-winter. #PajamaPriorities, right?! And heads up! Raw silk is surprisingly light AND warm. What more could you need? Oh yes! A Raquel Allegra gauze dress to pull it all together. Your Welcome!



Bohemian Beach Babe

Coats BY The Coast Ulla Johnson Dress Illia Faux Fur Vest Tamarind Style

Say it with me—Faux Fur Forever! With advances in modern manufacturing, faux fur has evolved from furs coarse ugly stepsister to the bell of the ball! I was completely floored and fooled by this soft stunner by Illia. You wouldn't know its not fur unless we told you. It's that good! Add an Ulla Johnson silk frock to master the bohemian mama look. La vie Boheme!



Not Your Average Black Blazer

Coats By The Coast Tart Parker Jacquard Blazer

Blazers... at the beach? Groundbreaking! We aren't kidding. How often do you see a blazer at the beach? On a yacht maybe, but hanging by the shore, less likely. We're here to say TO HELL WITH THAT! And if any blazer can break the beachwear mold, it's this patterned Tart number! Dress it down with a Raquel Allegra maxi and Matt Bernson shearling lined boots to keep cozy in winter while still staying chic.



Leather Lady

Coats By The Coast Line Cosmo Leather Jacket Ace and Jig Tamarind 


Coats By The Coast Line Leather Jacket Ace And Jig Tamarind

We weren't the only folks rockin' a leather jacket in the sun and sand. And we might be a bit biased, but this little leather lady by Line took the cake. I mean, come on! Those leather layers are out of this world (probably how it got its name...the Cosmo jacket). Not to mention, it's buttery soft. Like budd-dahh! Like, Julia Child could cook with it. It's that good. You get the idea. If you want a whole cozy casual ensemble, add Ace&Jig gauze top + citizens denim. Viola! A beautiful black confection of clothes. 



Coastal Camel

Coats By The Coast Harris Wharf Cocoon Coat Pressed Wool Tamarind


Coats By The Coast Harris Wharf Cocoon Coat Pressed Wool Tamarind

Okay, so it's not quite camel, but we love it just the same! This Harris Wharf cocoon coat goes the distance ladies! Is there any outfit it wouldn't elevate? I think not. Classic, cozy, refined. Like your man's jacket, only fits better. Add some feminine flare with an Ulla Johnson victorian blouse and staple Citizen skinnies. Seriously...can we wear this everyday, please?



Pseudo-Beach Blanket

Coats By The Coast Harris Wharf Blanket Coat Wool Tamarind  Style

Bring your serape for the sand, this blanket coat is meant for limbs only! But live in it! We dare you. Rock it in bed, in the office, jaunting down the shore—just never sit on it in the sand. We beg of you! This little lady has silverscreen starlet written all over it. Let it live up to its potential and make every outfit a showstopper. You could wear slippers with this and get away with it. It's that powerful! To keep it casual, try a beachy Black Crane frock. For a pop of prep or wannabe scarf, drape a button down round your neck. Now, strike a pose! 



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