Film Fashion | The Top Cinema Styles of 2016

Film Fashion | The Top Cinema Styles of 2016

Film Fashion | The Top Cinema Styles of 2016

Silver Screen Style Standouts

The Dressmaker Film Fashion Cinema Style

It's no surprise that period pieces reigned supreme in the costume department this year. Spanning a centuries worth of classic stylings, these top 2016 films capture the evolution of fashion. From magic wielding flappers to outback couture, the silver screen saw a slew of revamped iconic, classic styles plucked from the past. Check out our favorite films featuring the top showstopping styles in cinema this year.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Film Fashion

Welcome to the stateside Wizarding World of the roaring 20’s! Even if J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter blockbusters seemed a little to fantastical for your cinematic taste, the Gatsby era garb alone is reason enough to grab a ticket. Who are the wizarding NYC cobblestone street style stars fulfilling our flapper fantasies? Tina and Queenie Goldstein, two sisters giving us major overcoat envy. We LIVE for Queenie’s on trend blush velvet robe coat and matching thin neck scarf. Not to mention the multiple slinky beaded gowns. Lucky for us, these wizarding women aren’t afraid to stand out amongst mundane muggles meandering around city streets oblivious to the wonders and innovation of DIY wand dress designs.  


Café Society

Cafe Society Film Fashion Kristen Stewart

Woody Allen struck gold with the glitz and glamour of old hollywood. Forget the dapper suited men making films or running nightclubs, we want to pluck the silk printed blouses, dainty day dresses, and gorgeous gowns right out of the screen. While blonde bombshells played by Blake Lively and Parker Posey slink around in chic lady-like high class ensembles, Kristen Stewart's Bonnie stole the style show with flirty California cool high waisted cropped top combos. We dream of raiding that wardrobe department!


The Dressmaker

The Dressmaker Film Fashion Australia

Mystery, drama, romance, fierce fashion. This. Film. Has. EVERYTHING! And the title does not disappoint on the fashion front. After working in Parisian fashion houses, aussie born dressmaker Tillyplayed by the uber talented Winsletreturns home to a small outback town to right wrongs from her past. While the townsfolk prove tough to charm, Tilly breaks down barriers and transforms the town with her sewing talents. The contrasting 1950's high fashion ensembles and rugged Australian terrain make for a striking cinematic ode to style. 



Jackie Film Fashion Natalie Portman

This hauntingly beautiful biopic charts Jackie Kennedy’s roller coaster reality as First Lady, from living in the White House to the assassination of her husbandPresident John F. Kennedyand the funeral proceedings that followed. While the drama is bound to cause many pearl clutching, tear jerker moments, Jackie’s signature First Lady style showcases her grace and strength in the midst of tragedy. Her poise and polish made her an icon, her vulnerability made her human. 


Sing Street

Sing Street Film Fashion Style Musical

Boy meets girl.  Boy tells girl he is in a band. Boy forms a band to impress girl. 80’s fashion meets modern normcore in school boy uniforms personalized with bombers, loafers, and overcoats. And Viola! A modern musical masterpiece is made. Just ignore the the over teased tresses and take in the synth-pop serenades of Irish teen angst.


LaLa Land

LaLa Land Film Fashion Emma Stone Musical

We can’t wait to fall into the story and stylings in LaLa Land and sink into the soul tingling nuances of this modern musical masterpiece. Stunning historic Los Angeles landmarks evoke decades past along with vintage styling that celebrates genre classics from yesteryear. Watch for some bright hued style inspiration and the ole soft shoe serenade courtship combo that makes our hearts flutter.


Images via The New Daily, The Leaky Cauldron, Vogue, Cinemazzi, Vanity Fair, LA Times, The Huffington Post


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