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Knit Knacks | Sweaters and Antiquities

Posted on November 30 2016

Sweaters Stories | A Sweater Love Letter


Knit Knacks Tamarind Sweaters and Antiques 

(Giada Forte Cashmere Sweater)


Dear silky soft soothing wearable blanket (ie. my favorite sweater!),

I've missed you so much since the last chill of winter faded! How have you been? I hear the warm months are rough, being stuck in cold storage under the bed and all, but I'm so happy to see you again! I saw ice on the neighbors roof this morning so it's officially sweater weather season! Lucky you. It's time to strut your stuff. You know, it's funny, I kept wanting to wear you, but the weather just wasn't ready yet.

I hope you like big holes in the ground cause guess what, I'm taking you to see the Grand Canyon! It's exciting I know. We'll have to dress you down a bit cause you're a pretty chic little number, but I know you can change things up a bit. We'll make it work! I hope to score some unique antiques to bring home. Something solid that can stand the test of time, like you!

It's a desert down there, so it can get pretty cold, especially at the night. So rest up when you're not busy being worn or washed. You're gonna need all of your strength to shield me from the elements.

I'm so excited to make more memories with you and hope to get a few snaps of us on our southwest adventures together and post them on Instagram. Gotta have photographic proof for the future. Helps keep the ole' memory bright and tight.

I hope the other garments don't take up too much space in the carry-on. That's right! Carry-on only! I know it can be a bit of a snug squeeze sometimes. Just know that I'll be right below you the entire time. No way I'm letting you get lost in some luggage maze for eternity. Only the best for my special sweater. I won't let anything happen to you, I promise! At least nothing detrimental. If a small stain hits you, we'll just rush you to the nearest dry cleaner, okay. Nothing that can't be fixed with a little TLC. And always remember to keep cozy!

Your honored owner,


Knit Knacks Tamarind Sweaters and Antiques


Knit Knacks Tamarind Sweaters and Antiques


Knit Knacks Tamarind Sweaters and Antiques

 (John Patrick Organic Slip, John Patrick Organic Slit Sweater)


Knit Knacks Tamarind Sweaters and Antiques


Knit Knacks Tamarind Sweaters and Antiques

(Giada Forte Cashmere , Apiece Apart High Waist Crop Jeans)


Knit Knacks Tamarind Sweaters and Antiques

 (Mara Hoffman , Marino Cashmere Crop Pullover , Matt Bernson Moc)


Knit Knacks Tamarind Sweaters and Antiques




(Set via The Antique Society)


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