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Personal Style | Life Is Too Short to Wear Boring Clothes

Posted on October 18 2016

Personal Style | Life Is Too Short to Wear Boring Clothes

Sartorial Supplements from Iris Apfel


 Iris Apfel Fashion Icon Personal Style Guru

Wake up, stare in my closet, throw on the usual uniform, run out the door. The same rushed morning ritual. The process as tired and stale as the repeat outfits I’ve learned to live in. There was a time when I loved getting ready. When I’d try on outfits the night before school and hang them in a neat row at the end of my closet for the following morning or spend hours dancing to deafening music while styling my tresses and piecing together the perfect ensemble for that moment, for that current state of mind. I’ll admit, I’ve hit a bit of a style rut. My go to jeans and tees have grown a bit stale. I miss catching a glimpse of my reflection while out and about and thinking “I’m feelin’ myself!” To re-discover my personal style and kick my lazy morning routine to the curb, I looked to the ultimate style star that finds sanity through sartorial self-expressionfashion trends or rules be damned! It's time to take some sartorial supplements. 

With a lifetime of wisdom and iconic style under her belt, Iris Apfel doles out sartorial philosophy like a modern day Socrates. Here are a few of Iris’ visual and verbal greatest hits to spark a passion for personal style.


"You have to know yourself and know what you can carry. If you're not comfortable, no matter how well dressed you are, you're not going to look right. I'd rather be happy and feel comfy."

Iris Apfel Fashion Icon Personal Style

 Comfort creates confidence. Got it!


"Color can raise the dead."

Iris Apfel Fashion Icon Personal Style

Stick to colors that suit your complexion undertones.


"Life is gray and dull; you might as well have a little fun when you dress."

Iris Apfel Fashion Icon Personal Style

Tell it like it is Iris. Preach! 


"The worst fashion faux pas is to look in the mirror, and not see yourself."

Iris Apfel Fashion Icon Personal Style

 To thine own [sartorial] self be true!


"More is more and less is a bore."

Iris Apfel Fashion Icon Personal Style Guru

The ultimate maximalism mantra.


"If your hair is done properly and you're wearing good shoes, you can get away with anything."

Iris Apfel Gucci Fashion Icon Personal Style

Shoes speak volumes! 


"It's better to be happy than well dressed."

Iris Apfel Blue Illusion Ad Fashion Icon

Words to live by. 


"When you don't dress like everyone else, you don't have to think like everyone else."

Iris Apfel Fashion Icon Personal Style

Mind. Blown. 


Just remember, developing an authentic personal style doesn’t happen overnight. Sartorial evolution takes time, tenacity, and guts.

For an extra dose of personal style inspiration, check out the "Iris" documentary on Netflix.


Images via The Financial Times, The Washington Post, Los Angeles TimesThe New Yorker, and Daily Mail