Self Care | New Year's (Anti) Resolution

Self Care | New Year's (Anti) Resolution

Self Care | New Year's (Anti) Resolution

New Year, New Tools

Anti Resolution Tamarind Style

The beginning of a new year is hard enough. It takes months to write the correct year on legal documents, weeks to accept that the weather will chill your bones for another 3 freezing months, and days to shake off that New Year’s Eve hangover from the last remaining moments from the previous year. Who has the time or energy to jump out of bed with the sun January 1st and tackle that resolution head on? Not us! It’s a national holiday after all, a day of rest and relaxation. There are more important things to do like sleep in, catch up on your social media feeds, go out to brunch. After a roller coaster year like 2016, we all deserve a little self-compassion this go around. No more body shaming ourselves into fad-diets and tasteless calories. No more guilt over broken self-inflicted rules for a “healthier, happier year.” We are done with our own delusions of overnight transformations. Solid goals take endurance and will-power, something we do not often possess on January 1st. If the drive or inspiration hits you later in the year to make a sincere, solid goal and stick to it— by all means, get it girl! But we are done with the peer pressure to wake and work on ourselves the moment the clock strikes 2017. It’s time to focus on some soothing self-care to get us through the cold, cruel start to a new year. It’s time to embrace some anti-resolutions ladies! Put down the journal! Don’t you dare make a list of rules that will be broken and shame ridden by February. Check out our tips for transforming classic resolutions into easy breezy living. And remember, it’s the little things that count.


Look Back, Not Forward

Anti Resolution Look Back

You’ve got all year to plan for the future. Take a moment to acknowledge your accomplishments from the past year—even the little things—instead of starting a new year stressed from a masochistic honey do-list of your own making. Celebrate yourself! Think back on every aspect of life—relationships, work, health—and pat yourself on the back for any inch of progress.You done good!


Grow Your Hair Out

Anti Resolution Grow Your Hair Out

We’re talking everywhere except your head honey! Less shaving= more time in the bath. It’s time to not shave and not care about it. Besides, it's winter–who’s gonna see it anyways?! Let the liberation begin!



Anti Resolution Floss

For all you non-flossers,  trying flossing once a week. Much more doable than twice a day and better than nothing. Let your gums warm up to the idea. And make it easy on yourself, get a flossing stick and do it in the shower. You’ll hardly even notice the gum bleeding with hot water streaming down your back.


Walk, Don't Run

Anti Resolution Walk

Exercise is exercise! Merely moving is a feat in itself. 


Drink More Water

Anti Resolution Drink More Water

... but we are in a drought... maybe next year.


Eat Healthier

Try an In-n-out burger protein style. Your welcome!


Be More Creative

Anti Resolution Be Creative

Instagram more!


Less TV, More Movies

Stuck in a streaming binge watching spiral? Since TV shows are basically a super long movie, cut the time in ten! Just watch a movie.


Finish That Remodel

Anti Resolution Remodel

Get someone else to finish it! Hire out. Create more jobs! Stimulate the economy. It's good for everyone involved.


Stay In Touch

Anti Resolution Stay In Touch




Let’s be honest, we know you don't have the time. Just sign a check to your favorite charity and let the good karma begin!


Save Money

Anti Resolution Save Money

Get a bigger change jar!


Travel More

Anti Resolution Travel

Right on down to the local spa. A facial can feel just as rejuvenating as a foreign sunset without the hassle of airport security. 



Anti Resolution Read

Podcasts and audiobooks count, right?


Less Screen Time

Sure!... that will happen!



(Images via Petra Collins, A Beautiful Mess, Oloorea, Glossier, Garance Dore)



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