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Style Sense | Patti Smith

Posted on August 19 2017

Style Sense | Patti Smith

Patti Smith | Punk Rock Chic

Patti Smith Punk Rock Style Sense

First I found her writing, then I found her voice. It's not pretty, it's poignant and raw— like the birth of a babe. Patti Smith is a collision of complexities, a truly authentic, modern woman. She's ethereal yet masculine, outspoken yet soft spoken. She's both artist and muse. 


If you've never read her memoir Just Kids, stop what your doing immediately and buy it right now. Audiobook, paperback— any method or medium will do. I feel hard for her poetic prose and only listened to the music that made her famous after finishing her books. I'm still waiting for her debut LP Horses from 1975 to find me in a record store one day.


If you don't yet know who Patti is, let me educate you. She's a Rock an' Roll Hall of Fame singer- songwriter, poet, author, and visual artist. Her memoirs are New York Times Best Sellers and capture the longing and grit of a creative spirit through meditative prose. She became an influential component of the NYC punk rock movement in the 70's—dubbing her the "punk poet laureate." She lived in the infamous Chelsea hotel with her artistic soulmate, lover, and friend Robert Mapplethorpe during its heyday (much of which is covered in Just Kids—seriously, go read it, now! And if you've already read it!) If that's not enough to bait you, then check out her solid punk rock chic style. From her synonymous disheveled white button down + tight black jeans to her younger years gallivanting around New York and Paris in thrifted Victorian whites with butt butt grazing locks, Patti is a gender-bender, genre bending chameleon. Check out Patti's hottest (ensemble) hits to channel your inner punk rock princess. 


Patti Smith Style

(similar tee)


Pattu Smith Style

(similar top. similar jacket. similar jeans.)


Patti Smith Style

(similar tee. similar pants.)


Patti Smith Style

(similar dress. similar scarf.)


Patt Smith Style

(similar top. similar pants. similar coat.)


Patti Smith Style

(similar dress)


Patti Smith Style

(similar top)



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