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Camille Selhorst

Camille Selhorst


Having grown up in the countryside of Sonoma County, California, Camille Selhorst is strongly influenced by the themes of flowers, nature and feminine play that reflect the Northern California landscape she loves. Selhorst’s first memories include running barefoot through fields of mustard flowers and picking apples from the neighboring orchard. As a young girl, she excelled at painting in school, winning awards and selling work early in life, and went on to continue

her fine art  education at the University of British  Columbia, where  she specialized in  lithography and oil painting. As her style has matured, Selhorst’s work has become more and more  about delighting in the sensory experience of life.  She has shown her work   in galleries internationally   and sells her work to   patrons all over the world.   Inspired by the natural   landscape of Sonoma   County and the   abundance of flowers she   was always surrounded   by, her paintings depict imagery of women enraptured in moments of emotion and flowers gently unfurling. “I can't possibly count the number of times I have leaned in close to a rose along my morning walk and buried my face in its lush scent,” she comments wistfully. “During the long Canadian winters I used to buy silk flowers and put them in my hair because I missed the colors so much. That’s when I realized how precious this beauty is.” In a world where we are constantly building more grey boxes for ourselves, Selhorst’s work brightens our world with splashes of color and unconstrained expression. Now, Selhorst works from her beautiful studio in Healdsburg, California. Large windows frame a gorgeous, sun-filled view of the lush oaks and wildflowers just outside. She is currently creating a large series of mixed media paintings, inspired by the colors of hot California summers and has plans to soon launch her own pop-up gallery for emerging artists in the Sonoma County area.

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