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Brother Vellies

Brother Vellies Lamu Sandal in Lavender Marabou

$228.00 $285.00

Brother Vellies Lamu Sandal in Lavender Marabou. For fun and happy feet, add a Brother Vellies signature Marabou Lamu Sandal to your wardrobe. It is a cross-front flat sandal on a vegetable-tanned flat leather sole. Lavender feathers float mounted to a lightweight leather upper. The sandal is hand-crafted in Ethiopia using traditional shoe-building techniques. So comfortable and did we mention FUN! Perfect for vaction outfits, wedding guest dresses, bachelorette dresses, art parties, and the list goes on.  

Brother Vellies shoes are handmade from bi-product or environmentally conscious materials. Because of this, no two pairs will ever be identical, and each pair has its own personality, making them yours and yours alone.