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Valley Rose

Ethical & Cosmic Fine Jewelry, Responsibly Made in California By Brittany McCall. Brittany McCall, founded Valley Rose Studio on the principles of sustainability, femininity, wearability, and quality. Her unique delicate designs draw inspiration from California landscapes, nature, the cosmos, and art. She celebrate the feminine figure through my intimate & romantic wearable sculptures that are both comfortable and inspiring.

Hailing from a background in painting, she received her Bachelors of Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute and spent the early years of her career developing luxury beauty brands before pursuing her true calling as a jewelry designer.  She takes great pride in her jewelry and is scrupulous with detail. Every design is hand carved and made to order using the time-honored traditional technique of lost wax casting. She uses only the highest quality sustainable materials like recycled silver, 14k fairmined gold and conflict-free ethically sourced gemstones.  

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