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Bandits Bandanas

Bandits Bandana in Earth Chase


Bandits Bandana in Earth Chase. Bandits Bandanas is a worldwide movement with a mission of supporting and discovering artists, generating a positive global impact, and inspiring everyone we can to create a life around doing what they love. Bandits Bandanas are made from ultra soft 100% Cotton. 

“Earth Chase” was heavily influenced by by Native American ornaments and motifs, combined with archetypal images of the American West. They blend together seamlessly in artist Pedro Oyarbide's re-imagining for a design that toes the line of conflict, mysticism, and modern mythology. Purchase a bandana and 10% goes to supporting non-profit organizations all over the world. Shown with Frank & Eileen Button Up, Humanoid Leather Pants and UashMama Travel Bag.

 Measures 22" x 22"