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Maliparmi Handbeaded Abstract Flower Crossbody Bag in Black

$279.00 $364.00

Maliparmi Hand beaded Abstract Flower Crossbody Bag. The bag is a statement piece that can be dressed up or dressed down. The bag is a crossbody style with hand beaded abstract flowers on the center front, and a gold-plated chain hanging for a retro detail. The bag has a belt detailing in the center front that is just for looks. The bag has a magnetic closure underneath the belt. The inside of the bag is lined with a classic maliparmi logo design print with an inner zipper. The bag can hold a phone, and wallet and have space left over. The bag does come with black straps, that can be taken off and turn the bag into a stylish clutch. 

As the bag is handmade, not every bag is the same.