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Valley Rose

Valley Rose Cassiopeia Necklace in Diamonds

Valley Rose Cassiopeia Necklace in Diamonds. This classic celestial bar necklace has a six point star outline of the Cassiopeia “seated queen” Constellation. This gorgeous necklace is studded with glowing white diamond “stars”. This versatile dainty necklace was inspired by the amazing Cassiopeia Constellation that is one of the Greek astronomer Ptolemy constellations that remains recognized today by modern astronomers. Named after the vain queen Cassiopeia who was tied to her chair in the heavens as punishment by Poseidon. This organic textured necklace is made by taking gemstones and casting them into 14K sustainable gold. 
Metal: 14K yellow gold. 
Gemstones: White Diamonds
Handmade in Santa Rosa, CA
- All materials and gemstones are ethically sourced, sustainable, and conflict free.