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Valley Rose

Valley Rose Meissa 14k Gold White Sapphire Ring


Valley Rose Meissa 14k Gold White Sapphire Ring. A totally unique semi eternity or half infinity band, the Meissa ring features a row of gemstones cast in gold that evokes the look of ancient mysterious treasure. Named after a star in our favorite constellation Orion, the Meissa ring makes an amazing ethical wedding band that symbolizes cosmic radiance. Layer it with the Nebula ring or the Adriatic ring for an out of this world stack.  Handmade in Northern California. 


Our Sapphires are from India, Africa or the United States and have been verified by our reputable suppliers to be ethical.


Fairmined gold ensures that the gold is mined with strict ethical and ecological standards. Fairmined guarentees that there is no child labor, no conflict financing, miners are paid fair market value, and promotes a positive environmental legacy.