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Valley Rose

Valley Rose Stella Necklace in Gold with White Sapphires


Valley Rose Stella Necklace in Gold with White Sapphires. The Stella Constellation necklace is unique take on a classic drop gemstone pendant or charm. With its celestial inspired starry silhouette and its single gemstone outline of a white sapphire, this versatile dainty & delicate charm is both stunning and elegant. The inspiration for this necklace was taken from gazing up at the night sky. The Stella necklace would make an amazing romantic alternative engagement wedding or anniversary necklace to symbolize love written in the stars, a beautiful talisman protection charm to symbolize a commitment to your faith, a life milestone, or your loved one. This necklace would also make the perfect statement piece to luxe up your everyday look. The Stella Constellation Necklace is carefully crafted from carving a cosmic constellation outline and embedding one white glowing sapphires into the wax model. A slight organic or raw texture can be seen throughout the charm and a sapphire is used because they are an ethical alternative to diamonds.