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Beauty Maintenance | Lash Lift

Posted on July 27 2017

Summer Vacation Beauty Hack | Lash Lifts

Lashy Lady Lash Lift Beauty Treatments Sebastopol

I don't know about you, but in the last year I've become increasingly obsessed with beauty treatments like lash lifts and micro-bladed brows. These treatments aren't anything new, they've been around since the 80's, but nowadays they're safer to get and look natural. I’ve gone down many an Instagram rabbit hole of before and after photos, but never pulled the trigger and booked an appointment...until now! If you want a polished look sans makeup, this is how to get it. And since I'm about to leave on a 2 week vacation to the Mediterranean, I figured I should spiff up my lashes pre-trip. With the inevitable heat and humidity of a European vacay in the height of summer— I wanted to feel feminine with little effort or makeup. I figure anything I put on my face will sweat off by mid-day, so I scheduled a lash lift at my local lash/ brow specialists in town—The Lashy Lady.


After a bit of research I learned that The Lashy Lady uses lift formula by Ellebanna—a formaldehyde-free, hygienic conditioning lash perm that transforms stick straight lashes into doe eyes. If—like me—your lashes hold a curl for all of 2 seconds, this is the treatment for you! It lasts 6-12 weeks (depending on your lash growth—the average lifespan of lashes is 60-120 days) and keeps you looking fresh faced for almost two months. Basically, exactly what I needed for a minimal effort and maximum impact Euro-trip beauty regimen. I wanted natural lashes that looked longer and perkier without the use of lash extensions, and boy did I get them!


The treatment was painless and shorter than an episode of Game of Thrones. With a process similar to perming hair—lashes are coated in adhesive, wrapped around a perm rod to keep the shape (Ellebanna’s silicone rods are very comfortable and weightless considering their on your eyes), brushed with perm solution that sets for 9 minutes, then neutralized for another 9 minutes to set the curled lashes. All in all, the entire process took about 30 minutes from arrival to departure and cost $100. Looking at the before and after shots, I gotta say, I love the results! And the best part, I can still wear mascara and not lose the curl or spoil the perm! If—like me— you want to book an appointment and give this beauty trend a try, check out my tips!


- If you have sensitive skin—like me (hello, adult onset eczema!)—schedule a patch test a week or two pre-treatment to make sure you don't have any adverse reactions to the formula.

- Heads up! No water allowed on your eyes for 12 hours, so no tears or face wash post-treatment. As Elle Woods taught me, water is forbidden for 12-24 hours (ie. “ the cardinal rule of perm maintenance”) to avoid deactivating the lift. Thanks Legally Blonde!

- Be prepared for some odd smells and keeping your eyes shut for 30 mins. You don't feel much, but it does feel a bit awkward. Just pretend your taking a short snooze.

- If you want more of an impact and like the look of delicate lash extensions, go for a full lift. I went for a more natural curl and realize now that I would prefer a higher lift and less curl. Bring lash inspo images to share with your specialist for optimal lift results.

- When it comes to chemicals coming in close contact with your eyes, it’s best to avoid a cheap treatment. You want a careful well trained professional handling your lift. This is not the procedure to penny pinch. Vision is more important.




Lashy Lady Lash Lift Beauty Treatments Sebastopol



Lashy Lady Lash Lift Beauty Treatments Sebastopol



Lashy Lady Lash Lift Beauty Treatments Sebastopol

Lashy Lady Lash Lift Beauty Treatments Sebastopol

Lashy Lady Lash Lift Beauty Treatments Sebastopol

Lashy Lady Lash Lift Beauty Treatments Sebastopol

Lashy Lady Lash Lift Beauty Treatments Sebastopol



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