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DIY: Natural Dye Easter Eggs

Posted on April 10 2020

DIY: Natural Dye Easter Eggs

When I came across this great article from Gardenista DIY: How to Make Natural Easter Egg Dyes. It reminded me of one of my favorite designers Miranda Bennett who uses natural dyes. It felt like a win win project to create these beautiful naturally dyed eggs and also have some yummy steamed veggies to help boost my immune system. I was so surprised what the actual color result was from some of these veggies. We chose to use carrots, beets and artichoke even though the article also referenced blueberries. All the recipes were super simple, Simmer the vegetable you chose for 15 min, add 2 teaspoons of vinegar. Let cool to room temperature strain out veggies then place the egg) and voila.


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