New Years Eve Ensemble | Festive Dresses

New Years Eve Ensemble | Festive Dresses

New Years Eve Ensemble | Festive Dresses

What to Wear to Ring in the New Year

NYE Ensemble Tamarind Style

Everything in your closet feel a bit drab to dance the night away with champagne popping and a blinking bulbed ball dropping? Need something fresh and funky to let your inner starlet shine? No worries! We got you covered—literally. Finding the perfect New Years Eve frock is no easy feat. You gotta be able to eat, dance, and breathe in it all without an accidental nip slip. Not to mention, no one wants to spend their hard earned dollars on a one time outfit (that right is reserved for wedding gowns only)! Here at Tamarind, we believe in duel function fashion—NO DRESS LEFT BEHIND!— so we rounded up our stand out NYE ensembles that won't die forgotten and alone in the back of your closet after the clock strikes twelve. No Cinderella one night only moment for you. These party frocks are year round photobooth approved. 


Bohemian Babe

Ulla Johnson Bohemian Black Dress

Karaoke anyone?! Sing your heart out and swish that maxi-skirt to the music. Channel Stevie Nicks in this ultra chic silk pleated black beauty. Throw on some metallic beaded ear jewels for some extra festive flare.


Bonus Points: This versatile little lady is a closet classic that works for every season.


Modern Art Enthusiast

Go Silk Printed Smock Dress

Pockets- check! Comfort meets chic- check! Buttery silk- check! Rothko inspired print-check! We love a dress that comes with an easy talking point for casual conversations with strangers. Add a thin metallic belt in place of bracelets for an artsy addition.  


Bonus Points: Slay in this office apropos sartorial stunner at your 9 to 5.


Subtle Sexy

Sen Tiff Cold Shoulder Dress

Rock a fitted frock for some added sex appeal. I gotta say, I was a little hesitant to squeeze into this little number due to my curves, but once on—I fully embraced this bodacious LBD and felt like Beyonce! The sleeves + peekaboo sultry shoulders + midi hem made this tomboy comfortable AND sexy—a true feat of fashion I tell yah!


Bonus Points: The coverage makes it office and date night appropriate so this frocks got longevity!


The Classic

Sen Kasia Full Circle Tank Dress

Let it flow. Let it FLO-OW! Sorry not sorry for getting that song stuck in your head, but this swingin' circle dress gave me chills—the good kind. Let it hang free and loose or knot a belt at the waist to showcase your curves. 


Bonus Points: It's a classic LBD with modern details (racerback + high low hem). Versatility is this frocks middle name!


Scarlet Showstopper

WHIT New York Poppy Silk Dress Ruffled Hem

Okay, so it's poppy! You got me. But lets be honest– that color + that draping= the bell of the ball! Wear this WHIT wunderkind if you wanna stand out for ALL the right reasons. For a fun party trick, hold the skirt in a curtsey pose and let your girlfriends pop out from under the hem ala The Nutcracker's hilarious Mother Ginger bit. Your Welcome!


Bonus Points: Your new go to wedding season staple.


Sass and Sparkles

Ulla Johnson Gold Sequin Dress with Pleated Skirt

This slinky NYE ensemble shines in all the right places. Nothing says midnight makeout sesh like some glittered cleavage and a blacked out fupa zone camouflaged by loose silky pleats. Eat your heart out 2016! 


Bonus points: Vegas, baby! Vegas! Or casual daytime sequins layered with cropped washed out denim and a turtleneck. 



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