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The Perfect Undergarments: ARAKS

Posted on June 23 2021

The Perfect Undergarments: ARAKS

Araks founder and creator Araks Yeramyan started the brand in 2000. Araks is a sustainable lingerie brand that was created to make women feel beautiful. Yeramyan brings her love of art, texture and color to her collections each season. Araks collections are 100% produced in New York city. The brand inspires to reduce the environmental impact with supporting local women owned small business with fair treatment practices.


Araks Beatrice Bralette in Wisteria

Araks Aaron Panty in Wisteria

Araks Beatrice Bralette in Persimmon

Araks Tamara Bralette in Fauna

Araks Antonia Bralette in Clove

Araks Isabella Panties in Clove

Araks Tamara Bralette in Acai

Araks Tali Hipster Panties in Acai